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Gratitude & You

Every single day I look on this blog and look at my stats, I get happier because there’s more and more people who are finding out about this blog and are taking the time to read my content. It reaffirms my idea that this was a really good idea to do and it wasn’t a harebrained scheme.

It gives me something to be grateful for in a day of disappointing events and irritating things coming up for my recovery. This is incredibly hard to practice when I’m living in the moment of getting angry or letting old events stew in my system. 

But the key here is that I’m aware of this gratitude here and now, as opposed to not at all.

Why should I practice gratitude?

For starters, it’s a really good way to balance out how your life is going for you today. For example, you can ask yourself “How many things I am grateful for today?”, and you can count the ways. You can be grateful for the little things, such as having a warm jacket to brace yourself for the cold winter, to the breath you breathe and can see in the air, to the larger things, such as having a partner, kids, that job promotion you’ve been striving for…

Another good reason why it’s good to practice gratitude is because it helps change your mindset. You stop focusing on the negative. You forget about Mr. Desolate Darren being a jerk to you today and instead you think about getting to be a part of your partner’s life. It works out.

Well, I can’t practice gratitude because I feel <insert emotion here> 

Think of practicing gratitude this way: 

You don’t have to sit down and make a huge deal about it. Right now I’m sitting on the sofa, watching National Lampoon’s Christmas vacation as I’m practicing my gratitude. The important thing to do is think about what you’re grateful for and it works itself out.

What I want to ask you now is:

What one thing are you grateful for today? Are you grateful for many things? How do you want to practice gratitude tonight? 

I’m grateful for you reading this today. I owe you a thank you.