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On Grading The U.S. For Mental Illness

I took it upon myself to research mental health statistics in the United States this morning after thinking about which state would be nice to move to once I had the resources to do so. What I found was shocking and disappointing, but interesting at the same time.  Continue reading On Grading The U.S. For Mental Illness


…And A Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I hope your New Year’s is prosperous, enjoyable, and a fun event for you. It’s definitely been interesting for myself. Continue reading …And A Happy New Year!

What IS Borderline Personality Disorder, exactly?

This is a hard, yet easy question to address because there’s so much information on the matter. Add to the fact that BPD has a lot of stigma attached to it and it leaves a whole mess of confusion.

Basically, BPD is a mood and personality disorder that causes instability. It causes instability in relationships, risk taking, impulsivity, and general decision making. Since it’s a personality disorder, it leaves people who suffer from it not really having a sense of themselves, instead resorting to feelings of worthlessness. BPD sufferers have a tendency to self-harm repetitively.

Studies show that there isn’t an exact cause of BPD in people. However, people who have BPD have a history of being abused or have a family member that suffers from it.

There is no “cure” for BPD. It can only be treated and the symptoms can be alleviated through therapy and medication. It’s possible to curb the symptoms entirely, but it never goes away completely for people.

If you want more info, the Wikipedia article on BPD is a great place to start.